A Radical Idea

The mind in today’s American society is caged and controlled by superpowers bigger than we believe. In Christian or any religion, it is considered the Dominions, Powers, and Principalities. “The Law” We give unseen individuals. We are in fear to evolve.

We possess the technology and intuitive abilities but our school systems and corporate superpowers that fund and control the government program us with the false idea of freedom. The idea that we are free is delusional. If not downright ignorant. The elitist (few) have every intention of our mass destruction and their ultimate survival.Us as the majority which happens to be most of the world’s population can change this.

Evolving our system in human culture is key. The powers with false wealth (resources that are claimed by individuals or corporate entities as having value by some indoctrination philosophy)These systems have evolved but the ability for us to not associate ourselves if we choose is not an option. America was built on the backs of slaves and the mass extinction of native people for disgruntled countrymen who were tired of their Motherland.

It took chaos to create change for this nation of ideals. Yet it is false to believe any of the freedoms are the same for all.

The police are a good and bad concept for society. Individuals in a large network with the level of power to kill on emotion. Insane and brilliant all at the same time. Control the masses, keep them in fear and they will obey.

We live this every day and consider it first world problems. We are modern-day Slaves if you don’t personally have dealings with financial and corporate elitists. Humans should be able to govern themselves at this point in our evolution yet we are told we do not possess this ability and need to be controlled.

Freedom is truly a radical concept in 2020

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